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Customized Facial


A facial tailored exclusively for you. After thoroughly analyzing your skin, we personalize your treatment to address your specific concerns: 

  • Brightening Facial: Revitalize your complexion, enhancing luminosity and reducing dullness.

  • Soothing Facial: Experience a gentle approach that nurtures your skin, reducing redness and inflammation for a more tranquil complexion.

  • Hydrating Facial: Revive and replenish tired, parched skin, restoring moisture and vitality for a plump, luminous appearance.

What is included:

Starts with a deep detox cleansing followed by exfoliation, steam, extractions (if needed), relaxing facial/decollate massage and a masque specifically for your skin type and concerns.


60  min | $115

Express Facial

A quick yet effective treatment to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin. It includes cleansing to remove dirt and impurities, exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells, a mask to nourish and hydrate, and a moisturizer to lock in hydration. It's a great option for those short on time but still wanting to give their skin a boost of radiance and hydration.

30 min | $70

Teen Facial

Our Teen Facial caters to your specific needs. We start with a gentle cleanse, followed by a mild exfoliation for fresh skin.

Enjoy a soothing steam session to soften sebum and make extractions easier. Next, we incorporate high-frequency technology to target blemishes and promote a clearer complexion. A specialized mask tackles teen skin concerns without any discomfort. We finish with hydrating care and sunscreen, ensuring you leave feeling refreshed with a vibrant, clear glow!


45 min | $90

Dermaplaning Facial


A dermaplaning facial is an exfoliating treatment that uses a surgical blade to exfoliate the skin by gently scraping dead skin cells and removing fine baby hairs (vellus hairs)




Removes dead skin exposing younger, brighter skin, which helps reduce visibility of  fine lines and wrinkles naturally. Helps your skincare products penetrate the skin and improve their results. Makeup application goes on smoothly.


75 min | $125

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Lift & Tone Facial

This transformative treatment enhances circulation, improve tone and texture, and stimulate collagen production.


During your session, our skilled aesthetician will expertly apply gentle micro-current technology, which works to lift and sculpt facial muscles, providing a natural, non-invasive facelift effect. Combined with targeted LED light therapy, this facial helps to promote cellular regeneration, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and improve overall skin health.

As you relax and unwind, the soothing effects of the treatment work to boost circulation, leaving your complexion refreshed and revitalized. Whether you're looking to address signs of aging or simply enhance your natural glow, our Lift & Tone Facial delivers exceptional results, leaving you with firmer, more youthful-looking skin.



What is included:


cleansing, exfoliation followed by microcurrent treatment, LED light therapy and masque.



How does myolift microcurrent work?


The myolift device uses low levels of safe, painless electrical impulses to the muscles in the face and neck. Microcurrent facial toning re-educates the facial muscles and restores them back almost to their original shape. When this happens there are visible results and the face is lifted, firmed and toned back to a much more youthful appearance.


90 min | $135

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Sculpt & Glow Facial

A fusion of a lifting massage, Gua Sha, and microcurrent technology for unparalleled skin radiance. Your treatment begins with gentle cleansing and exfoliation, getting your skin ready for the lifting massage. This specialized technique stimulates circulation, firms facial contours, and facilitates lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness.

The buccal massage targets tension and stress held in the jaw and facial muscles, promoting deep relaxation and a serene sense of well-being.

Incorporating the ancient art of Gua Sha in conjunction with microcurrent technology, our treatment delivers precise strokes along facial meridians. This synergistic approach releases tension, enhances product absorption.


The immediate result: radiant, glowing complexion. Your skin will feel refreshed,  lifted and toned.

                   90 min | $135

Add - Ons

LED Light Therapy | $20

Add it to any facial to help brighten up your skin, reduce wrinkles, fight acne causing bacteria, reduce redness caused by rosacea and reduce age spots​


Ultrasound Therapy | $20

A gentle, non-invasive treatment, increases blood circulation, promotes collagen production, and aids with product absorption.

​Gua Sha with microcurrent| $20

The Gua Sha used in this treatment is crafted from highly conductive Kansa, enriches microcurrent treatments by boosting circulation, reducing inflammation, and revitalizing skin cells. This synergistic blend of Kansa and microcurrent technology provides lasting benefits, delivering a relaxed and lifted facial experience with enhanced results.

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